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Chris' Generalizations and Views on Women in Modern America

 Feminism is a trend I think I may never understand.  There are so 
 many differing views, I don't know who to believe as a spokesperson 
 for such a multi-facted group.  Most women seem to want more women in 
 power.  Why?  Is equality not enough?
 First of all, women seem to be more equal in society than men.  Thats 
 not too big a deal as I must admit I am a tad bit sexist in the fact 
 that I believe in gentlemanly conduct, being polite (especially to 
 women), and all the other good boy things that I hate myself for.  
 My problem does come in because many feminists of this persuasion 
 suffer from megalomania, at least to the point where the numbers for 
 all things have to be equal.  Thats what really pisses me off because 
 not only do I hate numbers, but they take no look at the choices 
 we've had for women in power.  I would much rather have a good 
 president who was a woman, than a bad president who is a man.  
 Unfortunately, that situation has not presented itself as a 
 possibility in this nation.
 Second big problem with women:  No consistency.  I cannot even begin 
 to ennumerate the number of times a woman has stabbed me in the back 
 (figuratively speaking).  Yet I, being the perpetual idiot I am, keep 
 returning to appreciate women for other characteristics.  Times like 
 this make me wish I were gay.  Not so I'd have a partner, because I 
 doubt if I would no matter what my sexual preference was, but at least
 my clothes would match.

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