Christopher King
Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States

Cheap Gifts

A letter
A friend
A homemade coloring book
People to sign my guestbook
To be appreciated once in awhile
To go 6 months without a someone stalking me
Sex with a beautiful woman whom I could care about (no more 
  meaningless flings and one night stands while I am drunk and she is 
  sober and taking advantage of me because I really am not attracted 
  to them while I am sober)
Someone with a good sense of humor who will laugh at my bad and 
  tasteless jokes
A happy ending

Expensive Gifts

This is the part where I REALLY try to gouge you.

A new computer to replace the laptop I had stolen from my dorm
A lot of money in unmarked, legal American dollars
An all expense-paid world tour
A nice bottle of Irish Whisky
A flight home
My own library
A grant to continue my college education
Comedy Central
A decent stereo
Free shipping privlidges
An original Monet
A Sony Playstation
Warm winter clothes
A warm dorm room this freezing winter
Quarters to do laundry
An automatic rifle
Control over the world's oceans
Cuban cigars

Helpful Hints for My Desires

MY Homepage
I wish people would visit here more often.
Sign/View My Guestbook
It'd really be nice if people signed this a little more often
Palladium Books Website
You could order something cool for me from here
Show me you care and send some abuse, or maybe a free T-Shirt.

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