Missiles and Explosive Ordinance

King Industries has been developing superior weapons for a long time 
and missiles are not excluded from that list of activity.  As 
previously mentioned, KI is a master at nanotechnology and therefore 
tends to have missiles smaller while equally as devastating to those 
used throught the Megaverse (TM) at large.  All King Industries 
missiles are designed for use in all enviroments and to change 
enviroments.  All KI missiles are considered "smart" bombs and can 
track single or multiple targets.  If all targets have gone out of 
range it can stop and weight for a new target or to be defused, 
depending on the duration of its life expectancy.  If not defused it 
will either self-destruct (01-50% chance) OR the engines will fail 
and it will automatically shut down with no explosion (51-00%) unless 
design specifications vary for either option.  Also, if the casing of 
a missile is destroyed the explosive contents will NOT be forced 
together resulting in no explosion.  That tactic eliminates the 
possiblity of destroying a missile volley by blowing up only one 
missile or having a missile launcher blow up and destroying the 
vehicle it is mounted on with its own ammunition.


KI Grenades (G):
      These are the standard hand thrown greandes or mortar rounds.
  Diameter:  2 inches
  Length:  4 inches
  Weight:  6 oz.
  M.D.C.:  5

KI Anti-Personnel Mines (APM):
      These mines are desined to be small, unobtrusive, and deadly to 
    personnel and others lightly armored.  They are effective mainly 
    functional against ground targets or other surfaces where it will 
    be walked on.  It comes equipped with a light array of passive 
    sensors so as to detect incoming targets and explode when 
    approached or on contact.  Their sensitivity can be to targets as 
    little as 2 lbs., but 30 lbs. is the standard setting.  They can 
    detect possible targets as far away as 100 ft.
  Height:  0.5 inches
  Diameter:  8 inches
  Weight:  12 oz.
  M.D.C.:  3

KI Mini-Missiles (MM):
      Mini-Miisiles are small missiles to be used by personnel.  KI 
    mini-missiles function in such a way that they only need a 
    storage facility, not a launcher, and, in a pinch, can be 
    launched manually.
  Diameter:  1 inch
  Length:  4 inches
  Weight:  2 lbs.
  Speed:  1980 mph (Mach 3)
  Range:  10 miles
  M.D.C.:  5
  Life Expectancy:  1 hour
  Bonuses:  +3 strike, +6 dodge

KI Short Range Missiles (SRM):
      KI Short Range Missiles are considered short range in space 
    enviroments, where they were developed.  They are a heavier 
    ordianance than mini-missiles, but smaller and lighter than 
    medium and long range missiles.  These are also one of few types 
    of missile with special controls allowing it to be piloted 
    remotely by either the firer or a central command hooked up via 
  Diameter:  6 inches
  Length:  2 feet
  Weight:  16 lbs.
  Range:  100 miles
  M.D.C.:  10
  Speed:   3630 mph (Mach 5.5)
  Life Expectancy:  8 hours
  Bonuses:  +4 strike, +6 dodge

KI Anti-Vehicle Mines (AVM):
      Anti-Vehicle mines are similar to Anti-Personnel mines except 
    their targets are usually those that weigh over 600 lbs.  
    Although the sensitivity on these mines can be brought down to 
    the contact of 8 lbs.  They also have the same passive sensor 
    system that alerts them to the presence of targets within 500 
  Height:  4 inches
  Diameter:  1 ft.
  Weight:  20 lbs.
  M.D.C.:  8

KI Medium Range Missiles (MRM):
      Medium Range Missiles are those missiles designed to go against 
    tanks and large robots.  This is the only other type of missile 
    designed to be remotely controlled if so optioned.  However, most 
    pilots and fighting forces will not use such a feature in heavy 
    combat, and leave it set as a fire-and-forget weapon.  It will 
    automatically be that way unless optioned to do otherwise before 
    the firing sequence has begun.  When fired only the pilot has the 
    coded frequency necessary to pilot the missile.  That frequency 
    can be sent to a central command station to control the missile 
    if the pilot allows it.  Many automated defense satellites will 
    send the control codes to the central command when firing.
  Diameter:  1 ft.
  Length:  4 ft.
  Weight:  48 lbs.
  Range:  1000 miles
  M.D.C.:  20
  Speed:  5478 mph (Mach 8.3)
  Life Expectancy:  16 hours
  Bonuses:  +5 strike, +6 dodge

KI Anti-Mecha Mines (AMM):
      These mines are designed to take out large robot vehicles who 
    would have a difficult time detecting their small size.  They 
    usually will only be sensitive to targets weighing over 1500 lbs.,
    but can be sensitive up to 25 lbs.  They also have the same 
    passive sensor array as the other mines and can detect possible 
    targets as far away as 1000 ft.
  Height:  1 ft.
  Diameter:  4 ft.
  Weight:  60 lbs.

KI Long Range Missiles (LRM):
      These are the most powerful, robot mounted missile weapons used 
    by King Industries.
  Diameter:  3 ft.
  Length:  12 ft.
  Weight:  1200 lbs.
  Speed:  8415 mph (Mach 12.75)
  M.D.C.:  40
  Range:  5000 miles
  Life Expectancy:  24 hours
  Bonuses:  +6 strike, +6 dodge

KI Anti-Ship Mines (ASM):
      Anti-Ship Mines are those that will take out ships be it in 
    space or in the water.  As most ships that these are designed to 
    take out have difficulty locating objects smaller than 8 feet in 
    diameter while travelling at high speeds, the Anti-Ship mine is a 
    great tool for taking out unsuspecting ships.  It has a discrete 
    engine system that will help it avoid the effects of gravity from 
    planets, asteroids, and stars, as well as to help it keep its 
    position in space or underwater.  They are also made of the radar 
    absorbant coating which makes it invisible to most sensor systems 
    and has a camouflage system that will allow it to blend in with 
    the surrounding environment.  They are only sensitive to ships 
    weighing more than 1 ton.
  Diameter:  5 ft
  Weight:  1000 lbs.

KI Anti-Ship Missiles (ASMi):
      These huge missile are typically only mounted on larger ships, 
    base locations, or specially designed mobile firing platforms.  
    They are designed to take out objects in orbit or large star 
    cruisers in ship-to-ship combat.  As King Industries grows ever 
    more desperate for money, some of these have become incredible 
    area effect weapons designed to take out large population centers.
  Diameter:  8 ft.
  Length:  32 ft.
  Weight:  2 tons
  M.D.C:  100
  Range:  100,000 miles
  Speed:  13,596 mph (Mach 20.6)
  Life Expectancy:  72 hours
  Bonuses:  +4 strike, + 6 dodge


  LRM:  4D6x100 M.D., 300 ft. blast radius
  ASM:  2D6x1000 M.D., 1000 ft blast radius
  ASMi:  6D6x1000 M.D., 4000 ft blast radius
Armor Piercing:
  G:  6D6 M.D., 1 ft. blast radius
  APM: 1D6x10 M.D., 3 ft. blast radius
  MM:  2D4x10 M.D., 2 ft. blast radius
  SRM:  2D6x10 M.D., 5 ft. blast radius
  AVM:  2D4x10+10 M.D., 10 ft. blast radius
  MRM:  3D6x10 M.D., 8 ft. blast radius
  AMM:  3D6x10 M.D., 15 ft. blast radius
  LRM:  4d6x10 M.D., 12 ft. blast radius
  ASM:  1d4x100 M.D., 25 ft blast radius
  ASMi:  2d4x100 M.D., 20 ft blast radius

Fire Retardant:
  G:  10 ft radius
  MM:  12 ft radius
  SRM:  20 ft radius
  MRM:  40 ft radius

  G:  5D6 M.D., 20 ft blast radius
  APM:  6D6 M.D., 25 ft blast radius
  MM:  6D6 M.D., 25 ft blast radius
  SRM:  1D4x10 M.D., 40 ft blast radius
  AVM:  1D6x10 M.D., 50 ft blast radius
  MRM:  2D6x10 M.D., 75 ft blast radius
  AMM:  2D6x10+20 M.D., 90 ft blast radius
  LRM:  3D6x10+60 M.D., 150 ft blast radius
  ASM:  1D4x100 M.D., 400 ft blast radius
  ASMi:  2D4x100 M.D., 500 ft blast radius

High Explosive:  
  G:  1D4x10 M.D., 15 ft blast radius
  APM:  1D6x10 M.D., 20 ft blast radius
  MM:  1D6x10 M.D., 20 ft blast radius
  SRM:  3D4x10 M.D., 35 ft blast radius
  AVM:  4D4x10 M.D., 40 ft blast radius
  MRM:  3D6x10+20 M.D., 55 ft radius
  AMM:  4D6x10 M.D., 60 ft radius
  LRM:  6D6x10 M.D., 80 ft blast radius
  ASM:  1D4x100+100 M.D., 125 ft radius
  ASMi:  3D4x100 M.D., 200 ft radius

Nuclear (low-yield):
  LRM:  1D4x100 M.D., 300 ft radius
  ASM:  3D6x100 M.D., 800 ft radius
  ASMi:  6D6x100 M.D., 1200 ft radius

Nuclear (high-yield):

  G:  1D6x10 M.D., 30 ft radius
  APM:  2D4x10 M.D., 40 ft radius
  MM:  2D4x10 M.D., 35 ft radius
  SRM:  4D4x10 M.D., 45 ft radius
  AVM:  3D6x10+10 M.D., 50 ft radius
  MRM:  5D6x10+20 M.D., 60 ft radius
  AMM:  6D6x10 M.D., 80 ft radius
  LRM:  1D4x100+50 M.D., 100 ft radius
  ASM:  3D4x100 M.D., 150 ft radius
  ASMi:  4D6x100 M.D., 200 ft radius

Proton Torpedo:
  LRM:  3D6x100 M.D., 150 ft radius
  ASMi:  6D6x100 M.D., 200 ft radius

      Smoke:  A variety of colors of smoke are available from black, 
    red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white.
      Poison Gas:  Requires a save vs. Lethal Poison or take 6D6 
    points of damage directly to the hit points per melee in the 
    cloud.  Will also do half damage to M.D.C. creatures who fail to save.
      Nerve Gas:  Requires a save vs. Non-Lethal Poison or take 2d4 
    points of damage per melee in the cloud (half if an M.D.C. 
    creature) plus will be blinded and nauseus for 4D6 minutes after 
    leaving the cloud.  Penalties are -9 to all combat bonuses, 
    reduce attacks per melee and skill proficiency by half.
  G:  30 ft radius, lasts 3D4 melees
  APM:  45 ft radius, lasts 1D4 minutes
  MM:  55 ft radius, lasts 1D4+1 minutes
  SRM:  70 ft radius, lasts 2D4 minutes
  MRM:  100 ft radius, lasts 2D6 minutes

  G:  15 ft radius
  APM:  20 ft radius
  MM:  25 ft radius
  SRM:  35 ft radius
  MRM:  50 ft radius

Active Plasmoid Weapons

Active Plasmoids are a force of reactive energies that are 
consistently drawn together when shot from an emmitter.  What this 
accomplishes is a short, but relatively stable energy field sharper 
than vibro-blades.  Active-Plasmoids will also deflect other forms of 
energy, including other active plasmoids on different frequencies.  
What this means is that energy weapons will bounce off of the energy 
barrier created by the active plasmoid into another direction.  
Lasers, particle beams, plasma, and tri-beams are all victim to this 
effect.  Active plasmoids on the same frequency, however, will stick 
together.  They are relatively easy to pull apart, requiring a 
combined P.S. of 16 or greater.  For this reason, most active 
plasmoid weapons have variable frequency settings.  Active Plasmoid 
weapons are also given a variable range depending on the strength of 
the emmitter.  Active plasmoids flow through the emmitter and return 
to it at about .95c (95% the speed of light).  Depending on the 
focusing crystal, the color of the active plasmoids will alter.  An 
active plasmoid weapon will have a primary or secondary color.  The 
color does not indicate strength, but it may reveal personal 
preferences or alliances of the owner.  Active plasmoid weapons are 
nearly weightless because the blade is only energy.  This allows for 
faster maneuverability and bonus of +2 to strike and +3 to parry.  
Active plasmoids also give off minor amounts of light and heat about 
equal to 1 candle per 12 inches of energy blade.


Energy Knife:
  Damage:  3D6 M.D.
  Range:  1-18 inches
  Payload:  24 hours
  Emmitter Size:  6 inches
  M.D.C.:  10

Energy Sword:  
  Damage:  5D6 M.D.
  Range:  6-48 inches
  Payload:  12 hours
  Emmitter Size:  12 inches
  M.D.C.:  20

Energy Spear:
  Damage:  6D6 M.D.
  Range:  20-200 inches
  Payload:  6 hours
  Emmitter Size:  24 inches
  M.D.C.:  35


      Lasers are fairly common throughout any moderately advanced 
    civilization in the Megaverse (TM).  They are cheap, efficient, 
    reliable, silent, and deadly when wielded in the right hands.  
    All King Industries lasers come equipped with an automatic laser 
    targeter when the trigger is partially depressed.  This gives ALL 
    King Industries Laser weapons a bonus of +1 to strike.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

KI-LW-002 Laser Pistol:
  Damage:  3D6 M.D.
  Range:  1000 ft.
  Payload:  50 shots per KI E-Clip
  Rate of Fire:  Standard
  Cost:  18,000 credits


      Ions are particles of supercharged electrons that do large 
    amounts of damage upon impacting a target.  They are slightly 
    more complex than lasers, but still cheap and efficient.  They 
    also do more damage and are harder to defend against.


      Plasma is another weapon development common under the more 
    advanced civilizations.  Plasma weapons shoot an ultra hot liquid 
    that does incredible amounts of damage.  These weapons are very 
    difficult to defend against and do large amounts of damage.  Their
    shortcomings include a more limited range, major power 
    consumption, and general bulkiness for all the insulation.


      These are probably another key examples of King Industries hard 
    at work with industrial espionage.  The design schematics were 
    imitated from the Arkhons who created this kind of technology.  At
    first it seemed a mere triviality as something to do just so the 
    Arkhons couldn't have a monopoly on the manufacture of these 
    weapons.  However, the triviality turned out to be something 
    important as the damage capability by far superceded that of 
    conventional energy weapons.  Tri-Beams combine plasma, lasers, 
    and particle beams in such a manner that breaks down molecular 
    bonds doing double damage to most materials.  The only material 
    exempt from the destructive power of these weapons are forcefields
    and cerasteel, another development stolen from the Arkhons by King



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