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Notes from the creator

This is totally fictional. It is designed to be used playfully in the game of Rifts (R) by Palladium Books, Inc. It has absolutely no basis in reality and should not be taken as such even though it is discussed in a context as if it were real. Please remember that this is a game of fantasy and make believe. While it might be cool, even as a passing thought, it can never be more than just that, a thought. Furthermore, these "thories" I expound here are just the bastardization of other various things I've collectd throughout my life. If anybody ever comes here I know that I'll be getting some mail trying to prove me wrong. Let me just tell you that I don't care. It makes sense to me and it fits in with a campaign I was playing around with. If it works for you great, if not, no loss because its just my random thought for the day. No that I got all the bithings off my chest by taking it out on you, on with the show!!!

Chris' Interdimensional and Temporal Theory

With the explosion of the Big Bang, time was first set in motion. What actually happened is the simultaneous action of every event in all of interdimensional history. How it goes is that time does not really exist. We are all in a state of temporal flux. We are energy beings travelling throughout the Megaverse (R) in a series of stopped events. Each dimension is really a moment. Space has no meaning here. In each moment is all the events happening at that particualar time in that dimension. A moment is irrecordable to the human perception of time and is therefore as if there was no dimensional shift at all for each moment. It works on the same principle that movie projectors work on. The images are flashed by so quickly that everything appears to be in one continuous motion. This is not the case at all. Each moment or dimension as it more accurately can be called is totally frozen. Moments are defined by an incredibly small sub-atomic vibration in which everything in that particular dimension is experiencing. Each dimension has a different vibration and therefore is a different dimension. A true dimensional shift would require altering the sub atomic vibration of all things undergoing the dimensional shift. It would seem that if one could step outside of the dimension that everything inside the dimension would be frozen. When time passes the sub atomic vibrations shift all the energy of that one dimension into the next dimension or moment. Since the energy essences of human beings (souls as they are called by religions) are also affected by this shift it would seem as if if time passes when in fact it is not time passing, but various dimensional shifts all undergoing simultaneously. It is for these reasons that it is possible for one to travel back or forward in time because all events that have happened and will happen are always going on through infinity. Each road traveled by every piece of matter is another dimension. This also helps explain clairvoyamce and sixth sense abilities because the psychic is actually peering into another dimension which will have a possible outcomes that may or may not ever be. Because it is the souls making this transdimensional migration and the souls are energy it is naturally that they flow from one dimension to the next in nearly the same location. That is the reason that souls don't randomly wander the Megaverse but follow onto the next logical event in the next dimension because it is most energy efficient. Eventually, however, that energy will be dispersed because its casing is destroyed. This is what is called death. Unfortunately, such a theory precludes the existance of an afterlife by the traditional standard. Since the energy is rather finely dispersed across the dimension it may be said that the dead never really die, but are everywhere at once, something like a Taoist ending. Likewise, small bits of a soul or several souls could crowd one small limited area of space-time. This may be another reason for the existence of ghosts and other such entities.

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