Christopher King
Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States

Words from the Author

Hiya folks! Well its about time I start putting SOMETHING up to make it look like I'm doing my job fairly accurately. In any case, its here so quit your bitching. Any publishers, theres the contact info right there, don't be afraid to use it as most offers won't be turned down, even if they are unreasonable. You see what I'm resulting to now??? I have no integrity left thanks to you gerbils! You people are pigs! I will personally spit into every fiftieth burger! Ach zu liebe!

My Literary Works

Chris' Endearing Poems
The 2 poems on this page are nice and sweet and will make you want to cry. Well they make me cry. OK, so I'm a sissy-mary, ya wanna make something of it, punk?!?
Even More Endearing poems by Chris
If you liked the first, you'll like these more, or your money back!!!
A Passing Influence
A touching and nearly true story of me and one of my ex-girlfriends who was also a prostitute.

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The Dungeons of Chris is where you can find out all about all those nifty little facts you're just dying to know. For instance, the state capital of Indiana is...
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International Online Writers Association, go ahead and join, everyone else is doing it.

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