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Shui Nao Duzi Zui

Pronounced "Shoy Naw Duhtz Tzoei" it literally means "Sailing Diarrhea Mouth." It is sometimes just called "Shui Zui" in short. European sailors who tried learning Kung Fu while attempting to colonize China invented this form in the mid-nineteenth century. Rather than focusing on strictly fighting your opponent, the purpose of Shui Zui is to humiliate. Insults by a master tend to be more demeaning and hopefully throw his opponent off guard to be victim of a sucker punch, a tripping/leg hook, or just a mean slap in the face.

While it is not as effective as some of the more combat oriented martial arts, it can hold its own against those with minimal training in hand to hand combat. It also lacks mind powers and is also easily victim to those with Chi skills. Furthermore, though the form seems to flow well enough to those who practice it, to outside observers it is an ugly form, that many know is just a bastardized compilation of several different styles of Kung Fu that were never quite mastered properly. The redeeming strength of this martial art is that it is the only form whose primary target is the ego of the victim. Sufficient punishment by a master can leave the strongest warrior in tears without a punch having to be thrown. There is also little one can do to defend against the attacks except by not looking or listening to the verbal abuser, which is just what the Shui Zui practitioner wants. When the defender tries to ignore the Shui Zui, the physical punishment can begin.

Training for Shui Zui is open to anyone with the patience to put up with the masters and anyone who is interested in a life of sailing. Centers for training are usually available at most port cities in the seedier parts of town, usually down by the docks.

Because of the simplicity and brashness of the form (not to mention just how widespread it became) it is likely to have survived the coming of Rifts. On Rifts Earth it is available to any unaffiliated Naval O.C.C. (i.e. not available to CS, NGR, or Republic of Japan characters, although it may be available to Australian characters). Taking it counts as 4 other skills (3 if HTH: Basic is known, 2 if Expert, or 1 if Martial Arts/Assassin/Commando, can replace an existing Martial Art if one is automatically assigned).

Entrance Requirements: Honorable alignments are allowed, but they tend to shy away from this vulgar and base form. I.Q. 10, M.E. 10, M.A. 10, P.S. 12, P.E. 12. A high P.P. helps, but is not necessary.

Skill Cost: 12 years (6 years as a Secondary Martial Arts Form)

Costume: Sailor’s outfit, anything light, loose fitting, and with good mobility.

Stance: Arms raised high with fists facing inwards, like a traditional boxer and legs in a front stance that shuffles the left and right foot to the fore and back, obviously mocking any serious fighter.

Character Bonuses:

+ 1D6 M.E.

+ 1D4 M.A.

+ 1 P.S.

+ 1 P.E.

+ 15 S.D.C.

Combat Skills:

Attacks per Melee: 2

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance

Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Multiple Dodge, Parry, and Automatic Parry

Advanced Defenses: Circular Parry, Disarm, Entangle

Hand Attacks: Backhand, Double-Fist Punch, Knife Hand, Palm Strike, Round House, Slap (Special: Only does 1D4 S.D.C. plus damage bonus across the face, stomach, or buttocks of the opponent, but to all onlookers it is a sign of disrespect and makes the victim look stupid. Adds a bonus of + 1 to insults for the next 4 melees. This attack cannot be used to harm the Hit Points of the opponent!), Strike (Punch), and Uppercut

Foot Attacks: Jump Kick, Kick Attack, Snap Kick, Tripping/Leg Hook

Special Attacks: Body Block/Tackle, Body Flip/Throw, Death Blow, Elbow, Forearm, Knee, Pin/Incapacitate, and Power Punch

Holds/Locks: Arm Hold, Body Hold, Leg Hold, and Neck Hold

Weapon Katas: W.P. Blunt, and (choose 1): W.P. Grappling Hook, W.P. Knife, or W.P. Net

Modifiers to Attack: Critical Strike, Critical Strike from Behind, Knockout/Stun, Leap Attack, and Pull Punch

Special Skills: (Exclusive to this Martial Art Form)

Curse: The Shui Zui Artist cusses loudly and obnoxiously so that all within a 100 ft radius easily hears. They are likely to be disgusted by the character, unless they have a similar manner like sailors and Cossacks. Characters must save vs. Horror Factor 10 + 1 at levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Normal Horror Factor penalties apply. In combat, a curse must be done as the first attack of the melee, and the character must have initiative. Counts as 1 melee action/attack.

Drinking: The character is an experienced drinker able to handle double the amount of alcohol as an ordinary person.

Insult: The character has a way of picking on an issue or name-calling that the victim finds particularly distressing. The victim must roll under their M.E. on a 20-sided or else be personally insulted and possibly driven to violence. Each successful insult will give the character a – 1 to save against the insulting character for the duration that the two are together. Penalties for a fail against an insult gives the victim a cumulative – 1 to strike, parry, and dodge, but a + 1 to initiative (for the first melee of combat only) against the insulting character. The character will be driven to violence (01-50%, and see above) or to tears (51-00%, and see below) after the victim has received a number of successful insults equal to their M.E. There is also a 12% chance + 6% per failed save against insult that the character will break down into tears and unable to take any action save to run away, parry, and dodge for 4d4 melees. The insulting character can create a successful insult at 40% + 4% per level of experience. They also get a bonus of + 3% per level of experience to bring a person to tears.

Special Katas:

Mocking Kata: The character attempts to mimic the actions of his opponent in an obviously mocking way with movements that are more exaggerated, slower, or just silly looking all while making dumb faces, talking in a peculiar voice, or making other gross sound effects like belching and farting. Success is a base skill of 35% + 5% per level of experience. Has the same effect as the Insult (see above).

Bonus Skills & Abilities:

Martial Art Abilities & Powers: Select 2 from among Arts of Invisibility, Body Hardening (including Demon Hunter Body Hardening), Martial Arts Techniques, and Special Katas (no Chi Katas).

Language Skills: Mandarin Chinese (1st Stage Literacy), and (choose 1): English, French, or German.

Cultural Skills: Fishing, Flag Signalling, Sewing, Sign Language

Physical Skills: Acrobatics, Body Building & Weight Lifting, Climbing, Prowl, Swimming

Stage Magic Skills: Jesting, Mime, Ventriloquism

Survival Skills: Binding/Hojo-Jutsu, Undersea & Sea Survival

Training Skills: Astronomy, Astrogation, Navigation (Land, Air, Water), Pilot Boat: Sail Type, Rope Works, Seamanship

If this is your Primary Martial Art Form, then the following others can be learned in a shorter time: Ch’in-Na (5 years), Drunken Style Kung Fu (7 years), Jujutsu (4 years), Kuo-Ch’uan/Dog Boxing (6 years), Li-Chia/Short-Hand Kung Fu (4 years), Monkey Style Kung Fu (5 years).

Level Advancement Bonuses:

1st: + 3 parry/dodge, + 2 strike, + 2 Maintain Balance

2nd: + 1 insult, + 2 initiative, + 2 Roll

3rd: 1 additional attack per melee, + 1 Maintain Balance

4th: 1 additional martial arts skill from Arts of Invisibility, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Techniques, or Special Katas, + 2 parry/dodge, + 1 strike

5th: + 1 damage, + 1 Roll

6th: 1 additional attack per melee, + 1 insult

7th: + 1 initiative, + 1 Maintain Balance

8th: 1 additional martial arts skill from Arts of Invisibility, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Techniques, or Special Katas, + 1 strike/parry/dodge

9th: + 1 insult, + 1 Roll

10th: 1 additional attack per melee, + 1 damage

11th: + 1 strike/parry/dodge, + 1 Maintain Balance

12th: 1 additional martial arts skill from Arts of Invisibility, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Techniques, or Special Katas, + 1 insult

13th: + 1 initiative, + 1 Roll

14th: 1 additional attack per melee, + 1 strike/parry/dodge

15th: 1 additional martial arts skill from Arts of Invisibility, Body Hardening, Martial Arts Techniques, or Special Katas, + 1 damage, + 1 insult, + 1 Maintain Balance

Why Study Shui Nao Duzi Zui?

This is the only martial art specifically designed to get under the skin of the opponent (and just about everybody else as well). It is particularly well suited to hotheads, big-mouthed braggarts, and some mean-spirited people who aren’t as concerned with killing people, only to make them look bad. While it is not as powerful as many other martial arts, it does offer an impressive range of skills and one of the better ways to manipulate opponents without using mysticism.