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The Rolandarri

The Rolandarri are a race of very human-like psychics from another world. Their world is covered in huge, lush forests and jungles only broken by the rivers, the ocean, and the huge ley lines criss-crossing the planet. While the Rolandarri are not necessarily the most peaceful people in the Megaverse, they are one of the many that do not want any part in Megaversal politics. They are content as scholars, philosophers, and magic-users on their little green planet. At least, for the most part.

There has been a rising movement in the Rolandarri youth, those under 300 years old to spread out into the Megaverse to share their wisdom for the good of all creatures, or their own personal gain. The Rolandarri continually find, however, that much of the Megaverse mistakes them for True Atlanteans. The only semblence in actuality is the high reliance on magic and general disdain for polluting and disruptive technology. Even then, the Rolandarri are much more physical and psychic than True Atlanteans who have better understanding of the Megaverse, sensitivity to vampires, magic tattoos, and magic pyramids. The Rolandarri also have a greater lifespan and tend to be more scholarly than philanthropic.

Still, the Rolandarri continue to explore the Megaverse independently or joining forces with other governments to continue their free lifestyle. An entire clan of over 16,000 Rolandarri joined King Industries in exchange for transportation, technology (both magical and technological), wisdom, and ideas. Likewise, a smaller clan of 3,000 Rolandarri met with Lord Splynncryth in a distant dimension. They too pledged their loyalty to the Lord of Atlantis, much to the chagrin of the Aerhiman Atlantean clan, for the Rolandarri are treated with more respect as teachers, trainers, and slavers for the Splugorth.

I.Q.: 5D6+6
M.E.: 4D6+6
M.A.: 3D6+6
P.S.: 3D6+6
P.P.: 6D6+8
P.E.: 4D6+6
P.B.: 3D6+6
Spd.: 5D6+10

Hit Points: P.E. x3 +2D6 per level of experience.
S.D.C.: 2D6x10
Natural Armor Rating: 8
Horror Factor: None

Height: Same as humans.
Weight: Same as humans.

Life Expectancy: Extremely Long Lived; most Rolandarri have a lifespan of about 2100 years. Usually, the first 2000 can be spent adventuring in prime condition, but the last 50-100 years they tend to age quickly becoming very weak, slow, and senile.

Psionics: Automatically Minor Sensitive Psychics. For additional psychic powers, see the following chart:
01-10: 2 additional psychic sensitive abilities (minor)
10-20: 4 additional psychic sensitive abilities (minor)
21-30: 6 additional psychic abilities from any category excluding super (major)
31-40: 10 additional psychic abilities from any category and 1 super psychic ability (major)
41-50: Psi-Druid(master)
51-55: Burster (master)
56-60: Nega-Psychic (master)
61-70: Psi-Nullifier (master)
71-75: Psi-Tech (master)
76-80: Psi-Warrior (master)
81-85: Zapper (master)
86-90: Mind Bleeder (master)
91-95: Mystic (master)
96-00: Mind Melter (master)

I.S.P.: M.E. +3D6, +2D4 per level of experience, +10 per century of life (minor)
I.S.P.: M.E. x5, +3D6 per level of experience, + 25 per century of life (major)
I.S.P.: M.E. x10 +2d6x10, +1D4x10 per level of experience, +50 per century of life (master)

P.P.E.: P.E. +6D6, +1D6 per level of experience, +10 per century of life (this is in addition to other P.P.E. gained from other O.C.C.'s, even spellcasters)

Natural Abilities: Double-Jointed, Ambidextrous, otherwise identical to humans.

Innate Skills: Acrobatics (+30%), Detect Ambush (+20%), Identify Plants & Fruits (+20%), Jungle Survival (+15%), Wilderness Survival (+30%)

Bonuses: +1 melee attack/action, +20% climbing, +1 parry, +4 roll, + 5% on all escape artist, pick locks, mechanical, and electrical skills.

Tech Level: Metal Users/Pre-Industrial
Magic Level: Magic-Using Culture
General Attitude/Culture: Non-Interventionalists

Favorite O.C.C.'s: Tends towards magic users and master psychics, however the recent turn of events in Megaverse exploration could mean using those fine adaptations to their vegetation world to combat uses.

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