KI Variable Purpose Armor

The KI Variable Purpose Armor is a design based originally off of the 
Cyclone (TM) designs by the Robotech Expeditionary Force (TM).  These 
power armors were ideal for the purposes of King Industries who could 
make a low budget suit and have attachments for any additional weapon 
systems.  The protoculture (TM) engine was replaced with an anti-
matter power source for more energy over a longer period of time.  
However, the elimination of the protoculture system, which was too 
difficult to reproduce in the KI labs as they lacked significant 
quantities of protoculture, drastically reduced the maneuverability 
and response times of the suit.  It wasn't until that the neural 
connectors located in the helmet were introduced to the suit that the 
project really got off the ground.  Get off the ground it did as the 
original motorbike of the unit was replaced with a specially desined 
hovercycle.  Also with the use of contragravity support, the speed of 
the unit was increased drastically.  The molecularly bonded, 
lightweight polymer armor allowed for greater M.D. protection.  The 
old laser-resiliant coating was stripped away and replaced with a 
radar absorbant material that makes the suit effectively and 
passively invisible to radar, sonar, gravometric sensors, heat 
detectors, and infra-red/thermal imaging.  Not only that, but the 
integral weapon systems were updated to KI mini-missiles launchers 
and supported by wrist mounted laser blasters that doubled as cutting 
tools.  There was also two shoulder mounted plasma guns that could 
fire while the suit was in hovercycle mode.  Then all the weapon 
attachment systems were micronized even more, updated, or had new 
ones invented.  The suit also was designed to fit snugly attached to 
the KI Standard Body Armor.  Such an attachment meant that the suit 
could have no special technological additions, and magical additions 
could not carry over to the power armor.  The few exceptions were
those that are so small or on the inside of the suit that their 
presence would effectively be negligable.  What this also means is 
that any KI Standard Body Armor is interchangeable with any of the 
hovercycle units.  Despite all of this, the Variable Purpose Power 
Armor is the most versatile power armor unit known anywhere in the 
Megaverse (TM).


M.D.C. By Location (Power Armor):
Head:  150 (reinforced)
Arms (2):  200
Hands (2):  85
Legs (2):  360
Chest Spotlights (2):  15
Cargo Boxes (3):  25
Maneuvering Engines (6):  100
Engine Package:  300
Main Body:  450

M.D.C. by Location (Hovercycle):
Headlights (2):  15
Cargo Boxes (3):  25
Windshield:  50
Maneuvering Engines (6):  100
Main Engine Package:  300
Main Body:  450


  Running:  150 mph
  Swimming:  10 mph
  Flying:  Stationary hover to 670 mph (Mach 1)in any direction!
  Hover Mode Flying:  Stationary hover to 1980 mph (Mach 3)
  Flying (Space):  2310 mph (Mach 3.5)
  Hover Mode Flying (Space):  4224 mph (Mach 6.4)
  Underwater Propulsion:  90 mph
  Hover Mode Underwater:  270 mph
  Leaping:  20 feet high, 40 feet across.  Double with a running 
    start or thruster assisted.  Triple with a running start and 
    thruster assisted.
  Note:  Remember that contragravity engines have no altitude limit 
    and can breach a planet's atmosphere.  The light power armor 
    though, would usually never exceed 8,000 feet for protection from 
    high speed high altitude winds.
  Note:  Destroying as many as three (3) maneuvering engines will not 
    affect the piloting of the robot or hovercycle.  However, if any 
    more than that reduce flying speeds and combat bonuses by half!
  Note:  Destroying the Primary Engine Package will take away all 
    flight capabilities of the suit.  The suit can still make 
    thruster-assisted leaps with the maneuvering jets, but no flight 
    and hovercycle mode is almost completely useless.


Statistical Data:
  Height: 8 ft 3 inches, 4 ft 8 inches hovercycle
  Length:  4 ft 2 inches, 7 ft 2 inches hovercycle
  Width:  4 ft 9 inches, 4 ft 4 inches hovercycle
  Weight:  1400 lbs.
  Physical Strength:  50 (robotic)
  Cargo:  3 small storage boxes each 8 inches deep, 12 inches wide, 
    and 18 inches long.  They are attached to the back while in power 
    armor mode.
  Power Source:  Anti-Matter Engine, 50 year life
  Cost:  4.5 million credits for a new, undamaged, fully armed suit.  
    Does not include attachable weapon systems.


Integral Weapon Systems:

Chest Mini-Missile Launchers (2) KI-MML-026
  Damage:  Varies
  Range:  Varies
  Payload:  12 each, 24 total
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in volleys of 3, 4, 6, 12, 18, or 24

Wrist Mounted High Impact Laser Cutting Tools (2) KI-LW-017
  Damage:  4D6 M.D. each or 1D4x10 M.D. per simultaneous double blast 
    (counts as 1 attack).  When used at ranges under 15 feet, they 
    do double damage!
  Range:  1200 ft.
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Standard

Shoulder Mounted Plasma Ejectors (2) KI-PLE-044
  Damage:  1D6x10 M.D. each or 2D6x10 M.D. per simultaneous double 
    blast (counts as 1 melee attack)
  Range:  2400 ft.
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Standard


Attachable Weapon Systems:

Forearm Mini-Missile Launchers (2) KI-MML-034
  Damage:  Varies per mini-missile.
  Range:  Varies per mini-missile.
  Payload:  3 each for a total of 6.
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in volleys of 2, 3, or all 6.
  M.D.C.:  35
  Cost:  65,000 credits per pair, includes missiles

Forearm Retractable Vibro-Blades and Forearm Shielding (1) KI-VB-062
  Damage:  Punch:  3D6 M.D.
           Slash:  2D6 M.D.
           Power Punch:  6D6 M.D.
  Range:  Reach of 2 feet 9 inches
  Payload:  Use is effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Hand to Hand
  M.D.C.:  120
  Cost:  50,000 credits each, 95,000 credits per pair.
  Note:  When swords are activated, the shield units have an 
    effective renewing forcefield equal to about 1000 M.D.C. each 
    that recharges automatically every 2 and a half seconds (1 melee 
    action).  Whereas it is not invincible, it can block a lot of 
    damage.  Kinetic blasts (bullets, railgun flechettes) are -4 to 
    be parried and energy blasts are -8.  W.P. Shield bonuses apply.

Retractable Forearm Vibro-Claws:
  Damage:  3D6 M.D.
  Range:  3 feet long
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Hand to Hand
  Cost:  30,000 credits per arm
  Note:  Will also add a bonus of +10% when used for climbing (not 

Forearm Active Plasmoid Sword:
  Damage:  6D6 M.D.
  Range:  8-72 inches
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited, but requires a 1 hour cool down 
    period after more than 8 hours of consecutive use or it will 
    overheat, the focusing crystal will rupture, and it cannot be 
    used until the emitter has a new focusing crystal.
  Rate of Fire:  Hand to Hand
  M.D.C.:  50
  Cost:  70,000 credits each

Forearm Variable Frequency Laser Pulse Gun (1) KI-VLP-012
  Damage:  3D6 M.D. per single blast, or 1D6x10 M.D. per three shot 
  Range:  4000 ft.
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Standard
  Bonus:  Independent Targeting System provides a +3 bonus to strike 
    on an aimed shot.
  M.D.C.:  40
  Cost:  45,000 credits each
  Note:  In an emergency, it can be fitted with an independent E-Clip 
    and fired like an ordinary gun.

Leg Mounted Mini-Missile Launchers (2) KI-MML-008
  Damage:  Varies
  Range:  Varies
  Payload:  5 each for a total of 10
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in volleys of 2, 3, 5, or 10.
  M.D.C.:  50
  Cost:  87,000 credits per pair, with full missile compliment.

Concealed Ion Sub-Machineguns (2) KI-ISM-036
  Damage:  2D6 M.D. single shot, 5D6 M.D. per short burst, 
    1D4x10 M.D. per long burst, 2D6x10 M.D. per full melee burst.  
    Double damage if using simultaneous double blasts.
  Range:  1800 ft.
  Payload:  Effectively Unlimited
  Rate of Fire:  Single shot, or in short, long or melee bursts.
  M.D.C.:  26
  Cost:  72,000 credits per pair.

Additional Jet Thrusters (2)
    Mounted on either side of the hoverbike, and on the back of the 
  power armor unit, these jet thrusters will nearly double the speed 
  and leaping capabilities of the machine.
    New Speeds:
      Flying:  1340 mph (Mach 2)
      Hoverbike Flying:  3696 mph (Mach 5.6)
      Flying (space):  4620 mph (Mach 7)
      Hoverbike Flying (space):  8448 mph(Mach 12.8)
      Underwater Propulsion:  145 mph
      Hoverbike Underwater:  420 mph
      Thruster-Assisted Leaping:  60 ft high and 120 ft across, with 
        a running start 90 ft high and 180 ft across.

Mini-Missile Launcher Sidecar:
  Damage:  Varies
  Range:  Varies
  Payload:  144
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in volleys of 3, 6, 8, 24, 36 or 72.

Short Range Missile Launcher Sidecar:
  Damage:  Varies
  Range:  Varies
  Payload:  12
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in volleys of 3, 4, 6, or all 12.

Medium Range Missile Launcher Sidecar:
  Damage:  Varies
  Range:  Varies
  Payload:  2
  Rate of Fire:  1 at a time or in a volley of 2.

Christopher King
Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States

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