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Chris' Rifts Page

Salutations one and all to my wonderully fantastic (and terribly overrated) Rifts (R) page. Its a lovely little Role Playing Game set about 300 years into Earth's future. An outbreak of magical energy has surged through the planet destroying all the old civilizations and seeing rise to new ones. It is an epic tale of mankinds struggle up from the ashes of his own planet (yeah I know I sound sexist, but deal with it, pinkboy, thats my style). In any case, magic and technology is being rediscovered and the land is beset with demons that prey on the few remaining humans that survived the coming of the Rifts. Rifts are gateways between dimensions that allow expedient travel between time and space. The allow all manner of vile creatures to perfert and defile the land. Boldly stepping forward to preserve humanity at any cost are nations such as The Coalition States and The New German Republic. They are equally beset from collective hordes that seek to overpower and overthrow these nations and use the Earth as a dimensional network to countless other worlds thereby granting them the freedom to tyrranize yet again Such organized attempts at this come from the New Phoenix Empire, Atlantis, the Gargoyle Kingdom, the Vampire Kingdoms, and the Federation of Magic. If it were just so simple to take out those few governments it might be easier, but most of the worlds population is made up of mindless predators and unaffiliated bands of destroyers. As with anything attempting to be at all plausible, the world of Rifts (R) is not so black and white. The CS is an evil and decadent empire forcing ignorance on the populace to keep them under control and are steadfast human supremacists fighting against those marooned on Earth with no chance of going home. They slaughter villages of defenseless creature and even human mutants who through no fault of their own was perverted by the magic energy that burst forth onto the planet. The New German Republic is not much better. It is effectively a puppet state for the Triax Corporation. While not as such propaganda tools as the CS is, the NGR is also a human controlled government that is for humans only. Places like Atlantis aren't so bad. The Alien Intelligence controlling the continent is not bent on global domination, he is only trying to capitalize on a great business opportunity. The Gargoyle Empire is fighting for its right to survive and carry out its own culture, even if it means sacrificing that culture in order for the gargoyles to live. The Federation of Magic is composed mostly of tribes of people and creatures of all variety who want to study magic and sometimes right alongside technology. The Vampire Kingdoms lie in a similar fate as the Gargoyle Empire. They are merely doing the best they can do to survive against impossible odds as nobody in the Megaverse (TM) really trusts a vampire. I think its important to look at all sides of the issue here. No side is totally good or totally evil, thus the chance to role play. How do the Player Characters fit into the grand scheme of things? What side will they take, or will they strike it out on their own in a world gone mad? What adventures will they persue? Wealth? Power? Immortality? The possibilities are endless. Thats why I love this game.

My RPG pages

My take on the Palladium Books Net Policy
All the legal info I'm supposed to have here.
King Industries
Superior products, but being driven into bankruptcy. (Just like Beta)
This is a brief discussion on magic in Rifts and how to remedy an unfair situation.
G.M. Notes for Getting Around Psionics
A psionic power unbalancing your game? Look here and see what you can do about it without eliminating the psychic ability.
Adventure Ideas
Sorry this took so long, but my adventures were in my laptop when it was stolen. These adventures are all from recollection of things I've written. Redone in the "Hook, Line, Sinker" format.
Siege on Jupiter
A brilliant new idea I had for a gathering of friendly, hostile, and simply curious aliens at Jupiter because of the Coming of Rifts. Under Construction!
Chris' New Spells & Rituals
Just a couple of the new spells and rituals I've been reinventing since my laptop was stolen. Sorry for the delays.
Skill List
A new and modified skill list. Corrects what I feel are nagging organizational errors that needed to be fixed. All the links on this page are down as are the skill descriptions at this time!
Military Occupational Specialties
Some added interest to O.C.C. Related Skills for Men-of-Arms characters.
The Rolandarri R.C.C.
A human-like race of psychics and mages finally coming into the Megaverse.
Really Expanded Alien Generation Tables
This is based on both tables from Aliens Unlimited and Phase World, but expanded even more and for Rifts Earth. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Temporal Theory
A totally new look at time, space, and dimensional travel in Rifts. Really, REALLY, weird.

My NEW & IMPROVED Guestbook!!!

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Megaversal Links

MY Homepage
The Life and Times of El Crisco
Chris' Amazing Page of Fantabulous Links
All the links I could scrounge up for my entire homepage area is in here!
Sign/View My Guestbook
How do I know you've been here to check out this way killer stuff, if ya don't sign in? I might even write you back (not bloody likely). Still, all comments and criticisms more than welcome and appreciated.
Palladium Books Web Page
Awesome Palladium Books Homepage. If you haven't been there yet, you SUCK!!!
Tripod Homepage Builder
This is mainly here for my convenience so I can update this when necessary, but anyone else wants free homepages, this is one I'd reccommend.
Mad Dog's Palladium Web Links
This has a lot of good and useful information here which I think would be good for you to know. Besides, makes my job a hell of a lot easier.

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