King Industries

King Industries is a large interdimensional corporation fighting for its survival. It has been a large enough threat to other major interdimensional companies that they have all signed contracts against the corporation and in the last 100 years there has been a corporate war behind the backs of nations and in the shadows of interdimensional territories. KI is seen as such a threat because of their thorough and effective use of industrial espionage and sabotage to put themselves ahead of their competitors. This means that much of the technology frequently used by the corporation is not its own design. Although they have been very good at changing superficial stylings, the basic concept of what others created is always there. For this reason they have been dubbed "Knock-Off Industries." Most of the people who buy KI wares do not really concern themselves with KI's reputation as an industrial giant because of the excellent value of the merchandise that KI sells. In fact, most Knock-offs are actually modified to superior to the original designs, much to their creators' chagrin. Not only that, but King Industries is very adept at nanotechnology making everything they create smaller and just as proficient as the originals, if not more so. This means that when they recreate something, they have more room to put in additional features such as armor, weapon systems, or better propulsion systems. However, the secret war with companies such as Naruni Enterprises (TM) and the various Splugorth (TM) strongholds is taking its toll against the company. KI has been reduced to a few meager production facilities throughout the Megaverse (TM). Despite the smear campaigns and the secret war against King Industries, demand for KI products are rising ever steadily.

The Power Behind

King Industries is run much like a Splugorth (TM) business. Although KI refuses to deal in slavery and bio-wizardry (TM), high-technology, magic, cybernetics and techno-wizardry (TM) are all commodities frequented by KI. KI is also, to some, a political institution to which end it governs a significant populous and responsibilities to people who have nowhere else to go. KI has used this reason to build a well-disciplined private army of substantial size. The actual owner or owners of King Industries is unknown. Some rumors suggest a god, a dragon, or maybe a small group of shareholders. Smear campaigns many times focus on the owner's/owners' anonymity and suggest a diabolical alien intelligence (TM) or some powerful foreign government seeking to invade the local dimensional realms. The truth could be any or none of these, but only a few people would really know for sure.

King Industries Products and Services

KI Armors
Can't go to a party if you are not properly dressed.
KI Robots and Power Armor
This is the biggest and baddest suits in the Megaverse
KI Weapons
So you can't afford a walking tank? A gun in the right hands is just as deadly.
KI Vehicles
Well no point in getting into a war if you can't get there
What is to come of King Industries
The present is bleak and the future looks grim, what is going to happen to this fantastic company?

Christopher King
Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
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United States

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