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The Rantings and Ravings of a Disgruntled College Student

11-18-97: Well heres my bitch page up for the first day running and so I might as well start complaining and make this place a little worthwhile to visit. I will periodically update this page as it suits my hectic lifestyle for new bitchings and news on other things I add to my life, both on the net and off. So check up here, alrighty?!? Well the power in here has been fluctuating so I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.

11-19-97: OK, I'm trying to get all my registration done today for my travels into the dimension known as the dreaded "Second Semester." I can't meet with my other advisor until later on today, so I hope I don't get screwerd out of my classes. We have the biggest waste of time classes in a category called Individual and Community. We are required to take 42 credits worth of those classes. There is little or no variation in the choice of classes either. It's all pretty boring stuff where they brain wash into the politically correct tools that the world wants most right about now. So I'm trying to get out of my I&C course next semester (Twentieth Century) and get into a course directly needed for my major (not to mention very likely a lot more interesting and only offered every other year), Archaeology of Ancient Egypt. Hope I don't have the same problems as last year where I owed 50 bucks that I didn't have and had to call my parents for a loan so I could register. Another thing, and probably more important to any of you reading this, I'm sorry for being an ass during the Round Robin last night. Well not really sorry, but I admit in performing the main part of the deconstructive criticism that I do so well. But thats me, so deal with it!

11-20-97: Hrmph! Some asshole just signed me up to some odd 40 list serv's last night to early this morning. I can't believe this, not even 10 am yet and my bitching has already begun. Well I have no life, so I may come back later on today to update the rants of the day, and any news if I come up with something else like update my other pages, which I have been neglecting for a little bit of a while now. Here I am 10 hours later, and I finally got a guestbook! Sign in, please. Unless you go to the poetry pages, in which case, I guess you are kinda stuck to go to the main page to sign the guestbook because I can't fit any links on those pages.

11-23-97: Well everything kinda sucks lately, I guess that would explain why I got so much done. Well my brother is getting divorced which blows because his wife was one of the nicest people I've met. I have another girl still stalking me and now I know its not my imagination because my friend's girlfriend noticed it too and she doesn't know many people at this school and certainly not anyone who would know my stalker. I STILL haven't heard from my parents about anything regarding my stolen laptop and what the insurance company will or will not do about it. I have much work to do, that I can't concentrate on, and a partner for one of the assignments who isn't calling me back which means I'm doing a whole project by tuesday (2 days from now). On the plus side it is almost Thanksgiving vacation, a badly needed vacation at that. The snow is out and everything looks pretty. I have a whole jar of pickles in my fridge, and half a lump of cheese. I rearranged some of my homepage. I updated the magic section and condensed some of my links so everything is easier to get around with. Hope ya like it!

11-25-97: Today is the last day on campus before Thanksgiving break. And what did I have to do, but shave? Its Frickin FREEZING up here in New Hampshire!!! This is a mistake not to be made twice. Oh well. Love ya, bye bye!

12-1-97: Welcome back folks! That was a fun little thanksgiving holiday trip. I went to my roommates house, got sick and now I feel miserable. At least I get to work with all of this again. The computer deleted some files for my rifts page as I put them up so I'll be remedying some small situations shortly. I also included a new section in the King Industries area (lets see if anyone other than me notices). Oh, and I'm supposed to be signing onto the Palladium Web ring, damn html sucks. I can't figure out how to put a single thing on in html format. As soon as I get that down I'll be all hooked up with the ring things and just maybe some poor sap might happen along to this page and I'll get some recognition for once.

12-4-97: Hiya Folks! Well as anybody who comes here at all (i.e. me) could see that I've been adding some rings and slowly learning html. All that while keeping up with my normal classloads. Damn good if I do say so myself.

12-8-97: Elicitations! School year closing to an end and I have so much I should do, its amazing I get any of this done at all. In any case, my philosophy page has a couple more articles in there for you to check out. Web rings are slowly getting sorted out properly. HTML is still a friggin mystery to me, but I'm learning. Now all I have to do is write a paper about how certain people in the US have been discriminated against because of gender or race, and another paper proving that the Martial Arts are art forms. No brainers, but mandatory for core courses that are pretty much just wasting my time and yanking my chain. If I had the credit hours available I could figure out how to get a liberal arts education, I'd rather not have the path chosen for me. I guess thats why I'm so against communism. I'm a Cold War baby. Well good luck to you all as classes wind down for this semester. Avoid your stalkers (which is, coincidentally, why I get so much work on this done, maybe everyone should get a stalker of their own). Auf Wiedersehen!

12-22-97: Konichiwa! Here I am back home, and after a great deal of strenuous effort. Not much other than finals have happened except for my adventure in getting home. First, the student shuttle wouldn't return my phone calls so I effectively had no ride to Logan airport. Considering the fact that I was at school in New Hampshire and had a plane flight out the next morning to California did not sit well with me. So I went to my good friend and next dorm neigbor, Paul. He has never been to Logan, he's never really been to Boston, he can't really handle heavy city traffic in his crappy car, so he offered to take me down to Hartford Connecticut where I could easily get a bus or as a last ditch measure, get his father to drive me up to the airport. Well I drive down to Hartford and arrive about 6:30-7 pm. They have dinner plans at a friend's house, to which I was given a surprise invitation as a couple people decided not to go. So I went to this house for dinner before we went to the bus station. How I wish I had eaten more at that dinner. At the bus station which originally had a bus scheduled to leave at 10:00 was a lie/misprint/disinformation, there was no bus. Although there was a greyhound coming around in an hour that would be going to Boston. Unfortunately, Greyhound was closed for the night and so I would have to get my ticket directly from the bus driver when he arrived. I bought a bus ticket, but unfortunately, the price I had beem quoted was not quite the price of the ticket. Still, I had more pressing matters such as a flight in 7 hours and a non-refundable ticket. So I get the bus down to Boston finally ending at the huge new Bus station adjoining South Station in Boston. I have been to South Station before so I knew exactly where the subway was and for 85 cents, I'd be on my way. At least, thats what I hoped. As it turns out, the subways in Boston close sometime after midnight leaving me stranded at South Station until the subways reopened at 5. Still keeping in mind that it is the holiday season and that my flight leaves at 6, I decided it would be most prudent to take a cab. The first cab I asked didn't speak English, or German, or Spanish. With my repitoire of languages shot, I decided to move on. The next cab was a friendly Jamaican woman. At least she was coherent. I get to Logan at 1:45, FINALLY! Then I come to discover that all services are closed until 4. GRRRRR!!!!! So I sit with all my luggage and wait till 4. Of course thats only when I can check my bags in. I STILL have to wait till 5 when the security station is open so I can go by the restaurants and get some food before I leave. I get through and the restaurants aren't open yet. They say they open at 5:30, but like everything else on this misbegotten journey the stores were all closed. So I get on the plane and am served a microscopic bowl of unrecognizable goop they call yogurt. After eating all that I could (including some bits of plastic and the napkin) I looked forward to arriving in Dallas only to find that the 90 minute layover I was planning on was cut to 20. And, like always, I had to trek across the whole friggin horseshoe shaped deathtrap leaving me no time to chow. I boarded my last plane of the day (I hoped) and set off for the sunny skies of California. The only good thing about all the turbulence on the most god-awful flight I have ever encountered was the tailwind that put us down in Sacramento International half of an hour early.

12-26-97: Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, pleasant other celebratory cause, or maybe just a nice day for the atheists. Personally I cannot say that this was one of the most spectacular Christmases I've had, but lets just say I'm looking forward to going back East. My little brother is still a bitchy and complaining little backstabbing weasel, my oldest brother is still feeling all the heaps of self pity from post-divorce syndrome or whatever the hell psychobabble. My step-dad is still the pissy megalomaniac that he always has been. And everyone else has been annoyingly happy. Theres no pleasing me. At least my cat is still fun, the only member of my family who appreciates having me around a lot and who doesn't get on my nerves. Happy Holidays! Note: I will not have access to a computer between December 30 and January 20, so this may well be my last day of updates for awhile. Till we meet again.

1-20-98: WB All. Wow. I have a lot to fill everybody in on. Hmmm...Where to begin. Well then lets go with the interim period. Yes the dark age that I did not see hide nor hair of a computer for 3 weeks. I flew into Bradley after being stuck in Dallas AGAIN, and was promptly picked up by my friends Paul and Joe who were waiting for my delayed plane. Went to Denny's and went back to Paul's place. This is where all the adventures REALLY begin. The next day I went to my roommates home for New Years. He also had visiting him his girlfriend for that week. That night she asked Mike to go upstairs and fetch a glass of water. Mike complied and to my surprise this womans eyes were promptly over mine. She kissed me and fondled my regions best left unsaid. I had to tell her no as, though she was attractive, she was also my roommates girlfriend. Well that was as far as I let her get (why am I only attractive to psychos?) and 5 days later I went back to Paul's where I would stay for the remaining 2 or more weeks. Paul's family is staunchly religous. If any of you have been to my philosophy page you know that that isn't going to be the happiest time in the world for me. I have to be respectful because they are taking a hard time giving me a place to stay of which I am grateful. Gratitude can only go so far. If it wasn't for the fact that I had 6 books to read, 4 of which I finished, I would have gone out of my mind. Not dinky novbels here but real books that take a couple of rereadings (at least for an idiot like me) to understand like Sagan's "Cosmos" and Hawking's "Brief History of Time." Needless to say, I was very very bored. I wrote up a couple essays on how silly it was and then as soon as I get on campus I lost them somewhere. On the back of one I also wrote a decently cool poem, not my finest and not spectacular, but above average. On Sunday Paul and I went to Vermont to visit our friend Day. Day is now pregnant and her rabbit was making her physically ill. Now, animals on campus is against school policy, but we took her just the same. Paul got lost, the rabbit freaked out while sitting in its box and pissed all over the box which naturally leaked onto me. We were about an hour away from school by that point which means I had this rabbit piss jeans to wear for quite some time. We snuck the rabbit in after I changed my pants and let him explore the room. Too much for him because early this morning the rabbit had a heart attack and died. At least thats my conclusion, had plenty of food and clean water (a rarity this far north I think) and the rabbit died. Or maybe it was gas from the vents I don't know (I wish I hadn't predicted that as I remarked on the way here "I bet that rabbit will die in 2 days of geting to campus." Oh well.) Otherwise today I registered for classes again had everything screwed up by the brilliant I&C curriculum of mandatory classes and bought all my books before 10 am except of course, the I&C books because I'll probably never use those anyhow. Thats about it for now. Look for some new Rifts stuff on my page soon. I'll probably have quite a bit there by Saturday. Later kids.

1-27-98: Hey hey hey kids, it's Fa-at Christopher. OK, so maybe its a bad thing when my update page is the one I update least, but I'm hoping my popularity will spread enough that people coming in will just notice the new changes I put on here. Oh well. In any case, though I just woke up, my bitchings are ready to begin. We'll start with the fact that my roommate is bangin' this hot chick every so often with me in the room. What I don't get is, how does he meet these people?!? I'm no Cassanova or even a Don Juan, but I wouldn't think I'm nearly as unatteractive as he. And that godawful snoring! If she has done this more than once than I know she is either sick, settling, or in love. Maybe I'm just jealous because I haven't had good sex with anyone for nearly a year (1 year next St. Valentines Day), I haven't had any sex for about 3 months, and I've never had a decent relationship with a woman I really cared for. Case in point: Yesterday I had my English Romanticism class when who should appear but the girl I've had a crush on for about and 1/2 years now. She's known about it for a long time (I know because my friends have told them when it was supposed to stay a secret and I have told her to her face). That ruined the friendship we had for awhile and now we sometimes say "hi" or "hows it goin?", but thats about as far as we can get before she runs away from fear of my hideous visage. In any case, every time I see her its like torture because I still want her incredibly, but I know that it can only be a fantasy in my imagination (well it could also be a nightmare in hers, but I'm selfish so I'll discount that and believe she does not even think about me). Ah well, such is the fate of those cursed such as I who will ever go unrecognized because we are not just physically but mentally and emotionally disgusting people. So what have I updated, well I added new sections in Philosophy, new sections and new spells and 2 new webrings in Rifts, a couple links on my main page, completed the Temporal theory, and thats about it. So it may not sound like a lot here, but if you look it really is compared to what I had before. Well thats enough for now, I'll get back to you crazy kids later!

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