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My Take On Palladium's Internet Policy

OK, so this sounds like its going to just be me bitching about all the sortsa problems about another net policy. Well you're wrong. I come here to admit that though I'm an idiot, I'm trying to remain in complete compliance with Palladium's net policy. Whereas I don't understand a thing about it, I suppose I don't want to get my ass sued needlessly either. I looked around at the various pages dedicated to Palladium's RPG's and I noticed one thing: Nobody really reads the policy! I've been reading through it and most people just have a reprint of what the Siembieda's and Larry Jordan Esq. have on the official site. While it is wonderful to see everbody in compliance with this, I don't think anybody really understands what its all about. I don't happen to either, don't get me wrong, but at least I've READ it. Therefore when I wrote this it was me deciding to write this, not just because its the law, but because its the right thing to do. Well naturally I had to do my own take of it. Unlike the policy notice this does not explain what the policy is all about, this is here to say what actually is here because I know that they only give the write up for Rifts (R) and no other game. I know Rifts (R) happens to cover a hell of a lot, but come on people, its not everything, so you can't expect that by reprinting the webpage that you got this from is going to make anything at all better. Perhaps this page is a protest to the standardized format of things, or maybe I just don't feel like printing out the other thing and retyping it here, but in any case, this is the policy as the Policy posting at has led me to understand. Therefore if anything is wrong here its because the policy was not clear enough for me to understand, not because of any criminal intent. Sounds like some PBS special actually "Hey Billy, lets go plagerizing!" While as appealing as a problem that this may be to the lawyers or anyone else trying to make a buck off my already broke ass, it simply is not the case. To my best understanding, here is the net policy that I will attempt to comply with:

All this stuff is trademarked, copywrighted, or has all rights reserved (for whatever THAT means). Everything in here like Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, Palladium RPG, Nightbane (formerly Nightspawn, at least it was when I bought the book), Robotech, and anything else reached through my site named King Industries is property of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda, Harmony Gold, or somebody else whose name I don't know. Any and all similarities to anyperson, place, thing, government, company, organization, german meal, oregano, that guy who lives across my hall, or anything else remotely considered to exist in reality or in fiction is total coincidence. Well except for the references to me, because I'm an egotist and any reference to me is purely out of vanity and as I have no plans on suing myself over this crap, I'll have to deal with it. No part of this may be reprinted without express consent given by the publisher (or possibly their mothers, I don't understand all the legalities) is strictly prohibited by law. I don't know which law, but theres enough that I'm sure its against one of them (maybe its the Magna Carta or something). Anything I am not sure about will be marked with a (TM) an (R) or a (C) depending on my mood, the situation, average rainfall this year in Tibet, and apropriateness of the situation. Now theres a bunch of other terms too that get those little markers, but I'll worry about that when it comes up.

In any case, all this stuff is free, so as long as I don't make one red cent on any of this crap, who cares?!? If you want to pay me for MY ideas (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more) I'll gladly accept them if you are in such a position to make an offer. Like I said just above, Siebieda's and Palladium might as well own all this stuff anyways. If you want to use any of it for your own personal use go right ahead, I put it on the net just for that reason. If you want to reprint any of MY stuff you can do that too, but I prefer that you just link to my page or give me all the credit, set up a shrine and worship me night and day until such time as the stars fall from the heavens and the moon eclipses North America by landing on it and I happen to be a decaying corpse somewhere for at least 148 years or so. If anything of mine on here greatly resembles something you did or IS something you did, let me know and I'll see what we can work out because all my ideas are mine own so we'd just have a dinky little case of paralel development or something. Just like if you had an infinitely great amount of monkees on an equal number of typewriters, you should be able to churn out all of civilizations great literary achievements (including Barney Books, as low as you can get for human achievement). I'd like to think that we're a lil' better than a monkee in that regard so with 5 billion people in the world today, its conceivable. In anycase I'd rather not use your stuff, or something not done as well as a project you may have already done.

I think this just closed off any lawsuits from Palladium, but opened it up to everybody else. No matter what: Please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't sue me!!!!

Rifts (R) 1983,1987,1988,1990 Kevin Siembieda; 1995 Palladium Books, All rights reserved world wide. Not a single snippet of this material in part or whole may be reprinted, reproduced, sodomized (well maybe sodomized, I don't rightly know), without permission from the publisher. All incidents, situations, institutions, governments, and people are fictional and any similarity to characters or persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

Other Registered Trademarks (R) include, but are not necessarily limited to, Palladium Books (R), Mechanoids (R), The Mechanoid Invasion (R), Rifts (R), Megaverse (R), RECON (R), and After the Bomb (R).

Unregistered Trademarks owned and licensed by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books Inc. are Nightbane (TM), Nightlands (TM), Heroes Unlimited (TM), Villains Unlimited (TM), Beyond the Supernatural (TM), Boxed Nightmares (TM), Ninjas & Superspies (TM), Mystic China (TM), Palladium Fantasy RPG (TM), Triax (TM), Mindwerks (TM), Vampire Kingdoms (TM), The Juicer Uprising (TM), Phase World (TM), Wormwood (TM), Psyscape (TM), Mega-Damage (TM), S.D.C. (TM), I.S.P. (TM), P.P.E. (TM), SAMAS (TM), Splugorth (TM), Cyber-Knight (TM), Glitterboy (TM), Juicer (TM), Mind Melter (TM), Psi-Stalker (TM), Coalition States (TM), Northern Gun (TM), Erin Tarn (TM), Naruni (TM), and other names and titles that the writers of the original policy felt befitting not for me to know.

Robotech (R) is a registered trademark of Harmony Gold USA, Inc. Characters for Robotech (R) are copyrighted 1985 by Harmony Gold USA, Inc./Tasunoko Production Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Robotech the Role Playing Game is Copyright (C) 1995 by Palladium Books, Inc. and Kevin Siembieda. Yadda, yaddA, yaDDa.

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