Christopher King
Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States

Words from the Author

Hiya folks! Well part one didn't have enough room to put down all my depressive poems down, so I'll put another one right about here. The next two poems were also written for people who I cared for. One I'm still friends with the other I have not seen or spoken to in awhile now. Anywho if ya want to use my poems for yourself, feel free to do so, but make sure you give me some kind of credit for it. A statue or shrine or something (nothing under twelve feet tall) would be acceptable. Love ya dearly! - El Crisco

Hello Shyness

This particular poem was written for a beautiful girl I met here at 
school.  She is a Japanese woman and probably the sweetest person 
you could ever meet.  Here's another relationship that I screwed up 


The flash in your eye,
Please look not away!
In you, dear, I see eternity
Nestled gently between the stars.
By my side, please stay!
The winds may blow
And across plains do sweep,
But watching you stand here,
Standing alone with me,
It makes my soul tremble;
A quiver in this heart so cold.
How do you do this to me?
Weaving your magic spells,
Making me love you
Quite the way I do.

May I Live a Thousand Years

This is the poem I wrote to a wonderful girl named Laura.  She was a 
runt of a person, but kind, beautiful, and most importantly (to me) 
had a good sense of humor.  She left school and we weren't such good 
friends that we remained in contact since last May.  Nope, not a 
word.  So Laura if you read this, call me sometime!


May I live a thousand years
Shall I never see a more beautiful sight
Than that of your face.
Forever and ever following
Your visage and yours alone
Shall be unto me
The sole basis of beauty
Etched eternally in my mind.

Have I already been here times?!? No way, you musta had something to do with it.