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Preliminary Note:
This works best if each player is roleplyed out individually first 
with the game master so the players can get a feel of their characters
and a few times together as a group so the plyers can get to know the 
group as well.  This also allows time to make one player the 
infiltrator.  Also, never let the players see each others character 
sheets.  It helps add to the mystery.

Three new characters NPC's have been added to the group for whatever 
reason.  The group is wandering through the wilderness.  Small, almost
unnoticeable items (like the everlasting rations) are disappearing 
from several if not all of the group's members.  Attacks by organized 
"bandits" come around whenever the group is trying to rest or whenever
else they least suspect it.  Two of the NPC's keep wandering off into 
the woods for any number of reasons (bathroom, sex, conversation, 
whatever).  No matter what, these NPC's always miss out on the fire 
fight between the party and the bandits.

The characters are probably thinking "espionage."  That would be a 
correct assumption as there is some spying going on as one or more of 
the group seems to be a traitor to whomever the groups enemies might 
be.  Should the two NPC's be confronted or killed, it will be 
discovered that it was not them who were the traitors.  That only 
leaves one NPC or a fellow Player Character!  Like it or not, most 
players are going to have a hard time to accept the fact that a fellow
player and loyal group member could turn against them so the NPC or 
the most conniving PC is probably going to somehow be the most likely 
suspect.  Throw in reasons for the players to suspect anybody, even 
themselves as the rogue.  This can be explained away fairly easily 
actually, just watch a couple day-time soap operas to see how odd this
can get.

It turns out that one of the PC's is the traitor.  Will the group ever
trust him or her again?  Will the group kill the character or expel 
him/her from the group?  Was the criminal actually the player or a 
robot/clone/id self etc.?  Was the player being forced to do this 
(mind control/blackmail/psychotic fluke) or were they willingly 
selling out their compatriats for money or power or something else?  
Can they trust anybody anymore?  Not only that, but now their enemy 
has a wealth of information on the group.  This can be played out in 
further adventures.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Preliminary Note:
This adventure works best with non-psychic humans principly making up 
the party.  It shouldn't be too hard to adapt to other exclusive 
groups though.

A group of D-Bees are found running through the forest directly at the
player characters.  The group will run past the party with the 
exception of one who will stop in front of the party and exclaim, 
"More humans!" right before fainting.  Shortly afterwards a Coaltion 
psi-stalker and 4 of his Dog Pack crew will arrive on scene to take 
the D-Bee into his custody.  He will thank the player characters for 
their bravery in stopping the rogue who just torched the town up the 
road.  However, anyone with any eyes at all will notice that the D-Bee
and everyone else from that D-Bee party was ill-equiped for such a 
raid on that magnitude.  Something fishy is going on.  If the players 
defends the fainted D-Bee, they will be enemies of the CS.  If the 
characters just give the D-Bee over and follow the CS troops back to 
the base (covertly, of course) they will see the standard CS 
imprisonment of a D-Bee, interrogation, and execution unless the 
characters intercede.

Unless the characters rescue the D-Bee, this will be a fairly short-
lived adventure.  If the D-Bee is rescued, then he will say that the 
CS just torched the town to flush out all of the D-Bees.  He claims 
that he would never burn his own home because that would be insanity, 
even if it were in running from the CS as his wife and daughter were 
both killed in the fire.

Eventually, evidence will mount against the D-Bee who vehemently 
denies any responsibility for the blaze.  He will claim that any 
evidence at all is to frame him.  Eventually the situation will grow 
to be highly likely that the D-Bee did, in fact, commit the crime.  
The players know that they have a psychotic criminal in their hands, 
but if the players did rescue him, then they too are wanted by the 
Coaltion States as traitors of humanity!  If the party returns the 
D-Bee to the custody of the CS, they may be able to convince the 
authorities that the D-Bee used mind controlling powers on them which 
would likely work.  However, that would clearly be a lie on the 
characters' consciences, that they sold out a D-Bee to save their own 
hides.  Selfish and evil characters would have no problem with this, 
but good characters definitely will.  If the CS suspects that the 
characters of their own free will commited acts of violence against 
CS, and in defense of a D-Bee no less, the punishment will be severe.
It is time to put the characters' morals to the test.

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