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Basically a continuation of my rants in the Big Picture

Forewarning: What I have transcribed on these electronic pages is all things that I think and believe. It is also very intertwined with my bizarre and many times crass sense of humor. As a human being I have more than my fair share of faults. If you agree or disagree with me, great, let me know where I am right or wrong. And as much as I love receiving hatemail I know I'm a spineless jerk barely able to be classified a mammal so please stop pointing out the obvious.

My philosophy can only be understood if you know my background. I was the 4th of 5 kids growing up. I was born and raised a Catholic, catholic school K-12, the whole 9 yards. My father died when I was 8 and I really never had faith for any religion after that other than superficial pretendings to please my mom. My mother remarried and I was shipped down to 7th of 8 kids in 1989 CE. I never really had too many friends and I always spent a lot of time alone thinking to myself (or quietly and out loud yet still directed solely at myself). I thought about become a Satanist or Wiccan or Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim, but seeing as I am of little faith, these religions did not seem to satisfy me spiritually. Buddhism and Hinduism came damn close, but with my upbringing as a Catholic, there were still some morals that I could not let go of. So I think I'll become a Zen Catholic which would most accurately describe how I'd feel religiously.

I guess because I've done so much thinking I cannot stand ignorance and thats why I hate such closed minded views such as the Christians, the Anti-Christians, the Yankees, or any other fanatical group. Actually one of the things that I hate the most right now is the Marilyn Manson speech about "we will not be oppressed by the fascism of Christian morality." Well lets think about this, shall we??? Christian morality is only an extension of Jewish morality. Christian morality is a mirror of Islamic morality. Christian morality is very similar (almost to the letter) to the moralities of Confucius and Socrates, probably the two greatest influences on the world other than Jesus Christ (like him or not, he's a historical figure and you can't deny that the Holy Wars and Inquisitions and such had an influence on the world). Christian morality is basically the same as that proclaimed to be followed by the Wiccan societies today. In any case, the hocus pocus might be different, but the moralities they teach are all the same. Furthermore, seeing as Marilyn Manson is a priest or whatever of the Church of Satan or something like that he is a Christian. Satan could not exist without Christianity because Satan is the evil counterpart to the Christian God. Therefore Satanism is nothing more than a protestant Christian religion.

There are things that I could not explain other than miracles. I do believe in a higher power, God if you will. I do not feel totally comfortable worshipping God as the traditional methods (prayer and magic and rituals and reenactments and such), but I don't know any other ways. Still I remain interested in all such mysticisms like psychic powers, life after death, transmigration, magic, supernatural monsters, angels, fairies, demons, nymphs, deities, holy and sacred places, dragons, taboo, superstition, killer clowns, aliens, UFO's, the Ark of the Covenant, and Bill Gates. Whether any or all of these exist, I don't know. I'd like to think so, but I keep my doubts because of the facts seem to outweigh the hopes I possess.

The philosophy pages I make here are probably more for my own belief than anybody else who might happen to read them. Still I'd like them out in the open so I can get feedback and maybe learn to change my views, expand my horizons, and pick up chicks in totally new ways I never before saw or thought of. (Thats a joke, son, get over it.)

Personal Philosophies

My Problem with Modern Religions
Explanation why new-age religion is a crock, or at best not well thought out.
My Philosophy on Women
My biased discussion on Women in modern America. Very generalized.
Is anybody out there?
Does God exist??? Another discussion of faith.
ABORTION: Baby Killing or Mother Saving?
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What does it mean to have an open mind?
A discussion on political correctness an being an "open-minded" person.
Today is a Holiday!
Celebrate! Crack open the last beers in the fridge, cause today is a holiday! Click here to find out which holiday today and every day is.
Theory on time and existance
Not really a theory, but more of a playful guess as to how we exist. Also, made for a game, so not too serious either. FINISHED(mostly)!!!

Philosophy Links

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