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My Problem with Modern Religions

As I mentioned earlier I have always thought myself as one of little 
faith.  However, looking around and some other beliefs I found some 
things quite disturbing.  It is nice and good to see all these people 
professing their love of a higher power (not necessarily God).  
However, I feel that there is a fundamental lack of faith in these 

Many of what I have been seeing is religion based solely on the 
material world.  Like I said, I am not a very faithful person, but 
come on!  Religion, I believe, should walk hand in hand with faith.  
Yet these modern religions are missing major issues.  Some assert that
life after death does not exist.  I have no problem believing in that 
because I've never seen it.  But then again, there's nothing to have 
faith in for this issue.  I forget what the figure is precisely, but 
somewhere upwards of 75-85% of the Earth's population has belief in 
an afterlife of some kind.  These religions deny most of the world 
one of their most fundamental beliefs.  I'm not saying they do 
anything immoral in this as they are not actively depriving anybody 
of their beliefs, merely proclaiming their own which is there is no 
afterlife.  In this modern day when people are too overly sensitive 
it is too easy for one to become emotionally injured by such a claim.
I know that I personally couldn't care less, but there are many of 
these people in society today.  Besides, these religions, then, have 
no room for these followers.

How can someone be a faithful follower of religion if there isn't 
faith in anything intangible or invisible?  Beats the hell outta me.

That last statement isn't entirely true for all, or even necessarily 
most, of the new religions we keep inventing for ourselves because 
many of the new religions do have belief in such intangibles.  Some 
religions make proclamations that everything is sacred and God 
surrounds us, even though we do not detect it.  But we do detect it.  
Detection goes beyond but the five senses.  Now I'm not urging that 
all people possess psychic powers to one degree or another, just that 
emotion can influence people to think they are feeling the presence 
of something Blessed.  This can be attributed to any number of 
chemical reactions in the brain either genetic or behavioral.  Perhaps
it is my doubting that blinds me to the point of these religions, but 
I still have not found any basis for instilling faith in anything from
these religions.

I suppose that is one of the reasons that I ever found religion 
interesting in the first place:  the mysteries.  Many modern religions
claim that humans have the capacity to know everything.  This also 
seems to detract from the religion.  Sure I'd like to know everything 
for at least a little while, or anything should the need to arise.  
However, the only real basis for going on with life is all the 
mysteries yet to be discovered.  So many unopened cookie jars to peek 
into.  I suppose that is the reason that there is no afterlife for 
these religions.  I would not want to continue living eternally if 
there was nothing to do.  All afterlife would be one great boring 
hell.  A never-ending "It's A Small World" Ride with no blinders or 

In any case, how these religions attract any faithful 
followers is beyond my comprehension.  I don't claim to know the 
answer.  I'm just saying that there's something wrong here.

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