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Chris' Amazing Page of Links

Every ring or group I see that wants people to submit their websites to be part of a group all say that they want pages that aren't all links. Thats why I decided to make a page that was all links. Well thats not the only reason why. I was bored and I wanted a groovy way to get all my information to other pages at one convenient location. So I guess this page is mainly for my own amusement, although I have no qualms if anyone else wants to borrow the info here. If you want your page listed here mail me! Of course, remember that this page is for links that I use, so if I never go to your page, I won't put it up here. I'll probably put up all but the lowest forms of trashy pages on here, but then again if you're at my page trashy is probably what you are looking for, huh? Oh well. In any case, please no porno pages. I do, however, believe in free opinion so even though I do not agree with your philosophy I may put your page up in my links section no matter how racist or sexist or agist it is. Not because I believe in your rhetoric, I just believe in being open minded, accepting, and patient with the ignorant. Again, though, if I never go to a racist, sexist or discriminatory page I won't put it up here. Deal with it, pink boy!

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Friends Pages

These pages are those that are constructed by my personal friends and impersonal friends and anyone in my family who isn't me or my cat.
Codie's Lil' Korner
A very good friend o' mine from FPC has her winter home on the web right about here.
Gary Reich's Homepage
A guy I know at school. He's always been cool to me, so a little free advertising couldn't hurt nobody.
MEcelepha's Home Page
This is the page of my friend Renee. Renee is a very...uh...interesting person.

Megaversal Links

These pages are other pages dedicated to Palladium Role-Playing Games. Personally Rifts is my favorite and I know lots of other people like Rifts too, so don't get too upset if the majority are Rifts pages, OK? If no, consider yourself marked for death and my eternal enemy.
All Original Rifts Page
A groovy page filled with technicalities, rants, and commentary. Not too visually appealing, but it could be worse, it could look like THIS page.
Atlantis Online; the Domain of Lord Splynncryth
A decent page that I would visit more than twice.
Chris' Rifts Page
Yeah, I know I did it, but this is an awesome page, go there!!!
An hilarious page if ya know where to look. Absolutely Fabulous!
D-Bee's Rifts Page
A new page. This is the first guy to email me to exchange links. So the site might lack info at the present, I'll keep a link here for gratitude that SOMEBODY other than me reads my pages.
"Not your ordinary Rifts based website." This is a very good page with a variety of subject matter. Unfortunately, it doesn't have as much information cram-packed as it could. Visually stunning, and audio I don't know as the school has no soundcard for these computers.
Galahad's Realm
You guessed it. It must be a kick ass page if its on MY link section.
The Great Ressurrection: Saving Beyond the Supernatural
The only page I can find dedicated exclusively to BtS. Not only that, but its an awesome page to boot!
Kitsune's Palladium Web Page
Easily one of the best pages yet for technical mumbo-jumbo for all the hard-core sci-fi fans. Tons of awesome equipment too! This page kicks A**!!!
Logix's Rifts Page
An awesome page with the Atlantis II and Eyelor Netbooks as well as a bunch of wonderful smaller files.
Mad Dog's Palladium Web Links
Every page that is any page is listed on here, and even a couple that aren't.
Marauders Matrix
A new merc company on the North American continent. Look out for these guys!
The Palladium Books Official Homepage
This section just wouldn't be complete without a link to the main page of the company.
Palladium Mailing List
Yup, homepage of the Palladium Mailing List. Thats about it. Subscribe, Unsubscribe, get help, learn your mother's true identity, and more.
The Robotech Federation
One of the best Robotech to Rifts Conversions that I have found to date. Go here!!!
Rifts Adventure Central
One of the best pages for Rifts as it is all adventures all the time.
Rifts Animation File
A zipped animation thingie for Rifts that looks really cool. Too bad it only lasts a couple of seconds.
Section 7
A truly awesome, frequently updated page that beats mine out 100 to 1. Chris Curtis also hosts stuff for those who don't have their own page. What a great guy!
Shawn Merrow's Palladium Page
Its really cool. I mean it, you should go there. P.P.E. virus one of my favorites and some Hook, Line, & Sinker adventures too.
Just a huge page filled with everything. Wish it were updated a little more frequently though.
The Ultimate Conversion Page
A cool page filled with a bunch of the conversions from TV, movies, video games and anime by all of the web's finest authors.

Cool Pages

These are random pages I find on the net that I like and deserve notoriety. Even though this couldn't really help that much.
Blackjack's Shadowrun Page
You don't even need to play Shadowrun. This page has some awesome GM and player data that anybody could use.
The Debate Page
A great page if you're bored and want to bitch about something.
The Star Wars Official Homepage
It's Star Wars' official homepage, what more need be said?
Star Wars: Technical Commentaries
Ever wonder the physics and nitpicks of Star Wars? Then go here. Really, awesome, kick-ass page!
Would the Real CHRIS KING Please Stand Up?
All people with the great name Chris King should go here.

Video Game Sites

What do you think is here? All the cool video game sites that I visit.
Imagine Games Network
A cool newsletter every couple days and a nifty site for game info.
Next Generation
A site with tons of info and links and other such stuff that a serious gamer could use.
The Official Nintendo Homepage
Well what more could you want than THE official homepage of Nintendo?
PSM Online
Official Homepage of the Playstation Magazine.
RPG_King's Webpage
The site of a great man who recognized my genius and wanted a piece of the action.
Ultra Gameplayers Online
This page is another awesome site for all the stuff you might be able to use in any video game endeavor.
The Unofficial World of Nintendo
A ton of fabulous nintendo information from the original NES, to game boy, to SNES, to N64, to Virtual Boy. Codes, cheats, and other cool stuff.

Free Stuff

These are all pages where you can get some way bitchin' free stuff that is cool because I'd use it. Of course, I think spatuals are cool, too bad no one is giving them away for free.
Free email. My email acount there is
Free homepages and other neato stuff!
Tripod Homepage Housekeeper
This is mainly here for my convenience in updating my tripod pages. If you got one, update it from here!
Yahoo! Free E-Mail
Someone as big as yahoo had better have free email. So here ya go.


The pages in here are those belonging to business, companies, and "services" if ya know what I mean (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).
Celtic Art & Illumination
A cool online place for awesome Celtic art!
Comedy Central
One of my favorite channels. Learn all about "The Tick", "The Daily Show", and those lil' bastards from "South Park".
Dimensions Roleplaying Magazine
A cool online zine for roleplaying stuff.
The Dominion
Sci-fi Channel on the web. Some neato "MST3K" stuff in here as well as a bunch of other cool sci-fi stuff.
Franklin Pierce College
Fisher-Price-Camp, the place where I go to school in Rindge, New Hampshire.
Hotmail: Free net-based E-mail service
My account is Write me there.
Palladium Books
OK so I got it listed all over the place in here. Maybe I'm trying to say that I'm an obsessive fan. Or I'm too stupid to give it one category.
This is the official homepage of Monty Python and the whole thing. Its updated weekly, so come here often for a laugh riot and what England's greatest comedy troupe is up to right now (...drip...drip...).
How do you think I got this awesome page? Go here for cool free stuff! Well maybe not that cool, but this webpage is good enough for me.
Tripod Homepage Builder
Mainly for convenience in updating this page. Other tripodders can use it for updating their page and memberships too.


These are all the fun .org's I like to visit and raise hell in. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good, but they all get that nifty non-profit ".org" status.
Blueribbon: The Online Campaign for Free Speech
One of the noblest pages that I have found, trying to protect our right to communicate electronically.
IOWA: International Online Writers Association
The association of writers online. You can also get them on EFnet on the channel #writers
FPC Sci-Fi Club
Yeah so the school is too cheap to give us our own space on the server. Donations accepted and NEEDED!!!
Webrings are fun things to join so your page will get more hits and wider distribution and just look better.

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