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Today is a Holiday???

Hello there folks! I bet you've been going along every day so far all your lives without knowing that today is a holiday. As a matter of fact, it was only recently that I realized that today was and continues to be a holiday. Today is a holiday not to commemorate any great religious, social, or political accomplishment. In all likelihood, you probably would have let this day go unnoticed if it hadn't been for my sudden epiphany that allowed me to point this out to you. Well, today is the Feast of the Big Bang.

The Feast of the Big Bang was an easy point to calculate because back when the Big Bang occured, time was non-existant. Now that we happen to have time, at least, I think we have time now, we can celebrate the Feast of the Big Bang because every moment is existing now as it was created in the Big Bang. So instead of the old adage of "Carpe Diem" (Sieze the Day) we would now have the right to celebrate the day. Rome wasn't built in a day, and so neither was the universe. Each new moment spewed out from the Big Bang is celebrating the only birth and death days that it will have right now.

Thats right, every second, hundreds of moments are born and just that quickly, they die. Why that is, we may never know, but the fact that they do is inescapable. Depressing, a little. Perhaps that is why Willie the Wino keeps drinking. So every moment is cause for celebration. So don't sit there continuing to read, break out a couple brewskis, kick back, and enjoy the moment, as that moment will never come again. Merry Feast of the Big Bang to you all.


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