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Is anybody out there? A discussion on the existence of God

Does God exist, yes or no, is a difficult question to answer.  
Personally, I'd like to think there was some being out there in the 
infinance of existance.  Oh me of little faith.  I still have yet to 
find a religion where God, any deity for that matter, has really meant
anything to me.  I've seen a lot of lucky happenings that I think I 
would go so far as to call miracles, but this faith thing keeps 
eluding me.  Not just that, but all of the organized religions (and 
most unorganized religions) don't make any sense to me.

Many religions claim that a person can see God in a good person's 
behavior.  Oh really???  So for those of us who don't know God are 
acting purely for God?  I don't think so.  Good morals is one thing, 
faith is another.  As Plato said, be good for its own sake.  And 
besides, we live in a society here.  We can't have people with bad 
morals running around or society will fall apart.  It has 
traditionally been held that religion dictates morality.  Is it no 
wonder that as religion declines, so do moral values?  Laws of state 
are one way that humans adapt (thank you Darwin) to the environment.
However, state laws are spiritually (in a psychological sense) 

Thats messed up saying that God can only be seen in good people.  
HELLO!!!  God, creator of EVERYTHING?  I cannot believe in a God who 
created everything, yet is this supreme benevolent being.  That is 
just hitching a ride on the fad train.  We have this politically 
correct view of the world now.  God is always right to the faithful.  
No, humans are always right.  Humans may not be correct, but we are 
always right.  Maybe if God were able to get back that spiteful and 
vengeful image from so long ago I might have a little more faith.  But
I guess thats me looking for plausibility as opposed to taking leaps 
of faith.

Still, does God exist?  I would have to say yes.  Why you may ask?  
Because there are faithful in the world.  As God is just the 
manifestation of faith, I would have to say that yes, God does exist. 
I know its sort of like a cheap answer akin to "I think therefore I 
am," well, congrats you're right, it is.  I'm not supporting any 
faith here, I'm supporting every faith.  Like I've once said earlier, 
the hocus pocus is different, but the results are the same.  Don't 
worry atheists, when the believers die, God dies.  

So maybe those of you who bad-mouth religion should stop and think for
a minute, "Was Hitler wrong?"  A few of the stupid ones out there are 
going "Where the hell did THAT come from?" but the smart kids know.  
Hitler wasn't commiting genocide against the Jews, he was making an 
attempt at killing Yahweh, the God of the Jews.  Imagine, the first 
person in recent history of a man slaying a God!  So I ask you, 
atheists out to destroy God, was Hitler right?

I'm hoping for a resounding no to that question mainly because, though
I don't believe in God and am not the nicest, most sensitive guy in 
the world, killing people is wrong.  Remember that little diddy up 
there about morality and society?  I'm not saying you have to believe 
in God, just accept God.  The concept God exists and the truth is 
relative.  God may not exist as the believers want God to exist, but 
somewhere, somehow back in the corners of our collective imagination 
lurks God.

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