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ABORTION: Baby Killing or Mother Saving?

I don't really give a damn what you say, this isn't much of a discussion, this'll be another one of my rants, but on this subject. Like you could have expected more from me? If you did you deserve to be severely beaten with a steel cludgel. Anyways, on with the show! I don't think that abortions are anything more than baby killing. I'm not saying whether or not thats necessarily a bad thing as I also support the death penalty and euthanasia. However, though I found it remarkably simple to support mercy killing, or criminal, the death of the innocent, especially children has been difficult to justify. I go to college and have been exposed to unexpected pregnancies amongst my friends. Invariably somebody will ask, "Are you going to go through with it?" as if it was so uncommon now to have an unaborted birth. I don't have a problem with abortion if its to save the mothers life (corporeal self not social life or summer wardrobe) or rape (unconsentual sex between two or more people). Many times incest will be added to that list. While I am no proponent for fate, I do believe that everything has a purpose (yes, even boogers). Incest would be consentual sex between family members. If it was in the molestation of a child who did not know better, thats rape and wrong too. While I do not particualrly find the idea of sleeping with anyone in my family attractive (I was raised against it) if someone else chooses to, its their business. And so does everything that goes along with it, including the pregnancy should one occur.

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