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Military Occupational Specialties

Any character with a Men-Of-Arms O.C.C. may be allowed to select an occupational specialty. Military Occupational Specialties (or M.O.S.'s for short) are a group of skills that will alow a character to better perform in his or her function. M.O.S.'s are usually awarded to characters who will be working in a diverse field and need direction in character planning. They have a cost of 5 O.C.C. Related Skills for those characters who are not issued an M.O.S. from the start. Certain O.C.C.'s may even make available multiple M.O.S.'s. However, M.O.S. skills are limited by the limitations placed by the O.C.C. For instance, many O.C.C.'s cannot select the skill Acrobatics. Just because a character may possess an M.O.S. that would allow for a physical skill, the skill of Acrobatics would be precluded from the individual. Furthermore, some skills are just not applicable to humans on Rifts Earth. For instance, Movement: Zero Gravity is a very useful skill for those in space environments. However, considering most citizens of Rifts Earth are not educated enough to realize that there is little gravity in space. Furthermore, those that do realize such a fact (like the CS or NGR) cannot reach outer space. In fact, they have tried and both scrapped their attempts to reach beyond the skies so any facilities they may have had to train budding young astronauts and cosmonauts will likely to have been converted to much more useful functions. In designing these I used Maddog's Skill List v. 4.5. I think its easier for you to go there than for me to make my own skill list, so have fun, and don't forget to write.


COMBAT:  5 Physical Skills (+ 20%), 4 Weapon Proficiencies

COMMUNICATIONS:  Radio:  Basic (98%), Basic Math (98%), 5
   Communcations Skills (+ 30%)

COMPUTER:  Language & Litetacy in Techno-Can (98%), Basic Math & 
   Advanced Math (98%), Computer Operations (98%), 4 Computer Skills (+ 

ELECTRICAL:  Basic & Advanced Math (+ 30%), Literacy (+ 50%), 5 Electrical
    Skills (+ 25%)

MECHANICAL:  Basic & Advanced Math (+ 20%), Literacy (+30%), 6
     Mechanical Skills (+ 30%)

MEDICAL:  Basic & Advanced Math (+ 30%), Biology (+ 30%) Chemistry (+
    20%), Paramedic (+ 15%), 4 Medical Skills (+ 20%), 2 Science Skills (+ 10%)

MILITARY:  Military Etiquette (+ 30%), 4 Military Skills (+ 30%), 2 Weapon 
   Proficiencies (+ 1 strike)

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE:  Intelligence (+ 30%), 6 Espionage Skills (+ 20%), 3
   Rogue Skills (+ 15%)

PILOT:  Basic Math (+ 20%), Literacy (+10%), Navigation (+ 30%), Read
   Sensory Equipment (+ 30%), 8 Pilot or Pilot Related Skills (+ 30%), 1
   Mechancal Skill (+15%)

RANGER:  Wilderness Survival (98%), 3 Cowboy Skills (+15%), 3 Domestic   
   Skills (+20%), 1 Weapon Proficiency, 6 Wilderness Skills (+30%)

SCIENCE:  Basic & Advanced Math (98%), Computer Operations (+ 20%),
   Literacy (+40%), 6 Science Skills (+ 30%), 2 Technical Skills (+ 15%)

TECHNICAL:  3 Languages & Literacy (+ 40%), 6 Technical Skills (+ 30%), 2
   Domestic Skills (+ 10%)

URBAN SPECIALIST:  Streetwise (+ 40%), Urban Survival (+ 20%), Urban
   Warfare (+ 15%), 5 Rogue Skills (+ 25%), 1 Weapon Proficiency

WEAPONS:  Defense Systems (+ 30%), Sniper, Weapon Systems (+ 30%), 6
   Weapon Proficiencies (All Sharpshooter)

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