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Franklin Pierce College
FPC Box 850 College Road
Rindge, NH 03461
United States

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Chris' Answering Machine
If you ever were afraid to sign my guestbook because thse psycho-robot-clowns were after you, fear no more! This is where you may leave my private messages and hate-mail.
Chris' Fantabulous Page of LINKS!!!
All the links that I like I put up here. If you'd like to be listed, email me!
Chris' Rifts Page
My page dedicated to my favorite RPG on the open market
What's New?
This is my page where I bitch about my life and let you know what I've updated recently
Chris' Storybook Page
This is where I keep all my online literary works. Publishers go here!!!
Today is a Holiday!
I never realized that today was a holiday until I sat down to really think about my next time for a break.
Chris' Wish List
With the Holiday season coming gift ideas for those you love (especially me) can be found here. Maybe a little biased, but this is free, so don't knock it!
Chris' Philosophy Page
What I believe in, and what I think about the universe. Maybe not realistic, but its what I believe and I'd like to share.

folsom, Satan, El Crisco, Lord of the Lil' People

The newest update is here and you are looking at it! You may well be the first person to do so (other than my cat). I know I've been neglecting you, my loyal fans (listens to crickets). Anyway, the last time you SHOULD have been here this page said that I was a first semester sophomore. Well...It's been just under two years ago that I wrote that. Obviously if my cat is watching me I must be home, so yes I am home for summer vacation. I no longer live in Folsom, but across the lake to Granite Bay. Why am I suddenly reminded of the mean streets of Greenwich, CT as advertised on the WWF? Oh well. Owen Hart, we miss you. I miss Sable more, but that's another story. What are my plans at present? Well, I plan on updating my webpages more frequently. I've got like 60 million KingCJ pages here on tripod, and tripod is driving me insane so I can't work on them like I would prefer to. That and my computer I.Q. prohibits it. Just look at this crappy page! Any designer would be ashamed to call this their home. But as you, my loyal fans know (or the attentive who could read the address at the top) I still reside predominantly in Rindge, NH. I just live at home in sunny (and surprisingly humid lately) California. I am still majoring in Anthropology/Archaeology and have completed my AnGlistCh my-nore. I'm going to Ireland on my birthday (Aug. 14, and 21 years by then!). Gonna do some field work on the Burren to excavate a Neolithic Court Tomb! Last year, I'm sorry to be tlling you all so late, I did speleoarchaeology down in Belize. Fun stuff. Any questions? All you have to do is ask. If that is too direct, there's still the guestbook.

My Snazzy List of Super Happy Fun Places

Palladium Books
The Official Website of bah, forget it, I can't remember ALL the prpoaganda pumped into me, just go there, OK?!? Awesome RPG stuff.
A great lil' diddy for all us fans of the funniest troupe in all history, or at least my 5 minute attention span. Be sure to join the spam club and abuse those near and dear to you (nudge nudge).
Would the real CHRIS KING please stand up?
Check it out! A page of people with the greatest names known to mankind: Chris King! Hey, thats me too!
Codie's Korner
It's something like that. Well she's a wonderful, beautiful girl who neglects me way too often. It is my shrine to her. Well not really, its her page that I had nothing to do with, but who cares?
IOWA: International Online Writers Association
A great place to meet or beat people, read someone's work who' you'd probably never heard of before, and just to say you've been there.
Celtic Art & Illumination
A beautiful page filled with Celtic art, downloads, instructions, and more!
Star Wars: Technical Commentaries
A beautiful site for all sci-fi fans, courtesy of the laborious tasks of Curtis Saxton and others who seem to have more brain power and time than I do.
Hotmail: Free Web-Based E-Mail
Where I get all my other crap. If ya get no answers when writing to kingcj, try
Comedy Central
Great info here about my hero "The Tick", those little bastards who keep killing Kenny, "South Park," and lots of other neato stuff like horoscopes and intern positions.
The Dominion
Sci-fi Channel on the web? What will they try next, overthrowing communism in the USSR?!?
Web Rings
Where to find a bunch of rings to join and other neato stuff so you link your page all over the place.
Tripod Homepage Builder
Build your own FREE homepage. Thats what I did, and look at me now!
Franklin Pierce College
It's where I go to school, and live and can never leave!!! Help Me OUT!!!

Victims hath suffered the diabolical wrath of Chris times.

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